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Our Lady's Garden

Spend some time with her and she will wrap you in her mantle

Three Days is a Lifetime

Page 14

Father Burke and Matthias at his Confirmation.

James speaking-

The tests showed Matthias’s heart had thee holes and a bad valve. His aorta was misshapen. I was still thinking Down’s Syndrome or someone like Simon Birch when they began the genetic testing. They suspected Trisomy 18. I knew nothing of Trisomy 18 .

I called Father Clark, the idea of a medical problem that I didn’t understand was scary. What medical treatment should Matthias receive? I needed advice. Father Clark assured me of his prayers and gave me the advice I needed - call a priest! He recommended that I have Matthias confirmed. When I returned to the NICU Father Burke was already there. His question was if the child was already baptized?

I replied, “Yes, but Father, I am requesting of the church, confirmation for my son. His delighted response was “ another gift of the Holy Spirit, let me get my oils.” And Matthias was confirmed. I cried through that sacrament too.